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Mini militia game has become one of the most popular multi player shooting game in the market. Minimilitia is available for both android and iOS devices. It is quite popular among the teenagers and particularly among the students. Mini Militia has got the features to play with 6 players online using the quick play mode and also to play with 12 players using the multiplayer connected in local Wifi hotspot. 

The default app that you download has limited features and has got many restrictions. You need to upgrade your app to have access to all the pro features. They charge 0.99$ for having access to the pro pack features. But we geeks are always curious to hack the app and upgrade to the pro pack for free. Not only pro pack, we also have made mini militia hack and mod apks.  With these mini militia hack version you can get unlimited health, ammo, jetpack, fly through wall, no reload time,  get dual weird and much more.  

Before I get into the steps to hack mini militia let me list out the features of the mini militia pro pack apk!!!


For enjoying these features, you need to download our latest mini militia MOD apk versions and install on your device. As simple as that :)

If you are an android user, then download MOD Apk of your interest from the below list.
Recently mini militia has updated to the latest version 2.2.86. It includes 3 new maps, new guns and health bar of your opponents. To know more check this post


Mini Militia Hack 1: Pro pack apk

Mini militia Pro pack apk unlocked
New HD Backgrounds
Custom Rock Music

Mini Militia Hack 2: Ultimate God Mod

Unlimited health, ammos
Unlimited bombs & grenades
Unlimited jetpack and nitro
All pro pack apk features
One shot kill
No reload of bullets
Dual wield
Fly through walls

Mini militia Hack 3: Unlimited ammo & nitro Mod

See health bar of opponents
Unlimited ammo & Nitro
Supports new maps

Mini militia Hack 4: Pro pack + One shot kill

Mini militia Pro pack apk version 2.2.86
One shot death
New maps
Dual guns 
Health bar of opponents

Mini Militia Hack old version: 2.2.61

Mini militia hack 5

Unlimited Jetpack, Bullets/ ammos, 
Unlimited Bombs & grenades
Auto reload

Mini militia hack 6 


Pro pack apk version 2.2.61
Only unlimited jetpack

Mini militia hack 7


Unlimited nitro, ammo 
One shot kill mod 

Download here

Share this mod apk to your friends directly on whatsapp groups!!! 

Steps to upgrade pro pack apk in android devices:
  1. Uninstall the current mini militia : doodle army 2 game (if you have already installed) 
  2. Download the mini militia mod apk file from the above links.
  3. Now open the downloaded file and install it. 
  4. Once installed you are done.
  5. Now open the app and click on upgrade option in the front screen.
  6. Now you will find "purchased" 
  7. Voila you have successfully upgraded to the pro packa apk. Also you can enjoy all the features of the corresponding mods. 
  8. Now you can start accessing all the pro features which includes avatar customization, dual guns, unlimited health, ammo, nitro, bombs, grenades, dual wield, no reload, HD backgrounds, on shot kill, etc... 

This mod apk file is tested and working fine with all the non rooted android devices.


There are two different methods to crack/ hacking mini militia pro pack in rooted devices..



2. Mini militia game downloaded which is download from play store.
3. Your device must be rooted 


1. Open lucky patcher android app and grant the root access.
2. Search for mini militia and go to it's options. 
    Follow => patches > in app emulation > press ok and wait for some time. 
3. Launch when it's done
4. Next open the mini militia app and then go to upgrade and select purchase. 
5. Now a small pop up window will open. On that click on YES. 
6. Voila! Now you have successfully purchased the mini militia pro pack apk for free


If the first method doesn't work then you may try out this Titanium back up method. 


1. Titanium backup file.
2. Root explorer android app
3. Back up file - Download it from here 
(credits to :


1. Unzip the downloaded file and copy it to your titanium backup folder. 
2. Open titanium backup and choose Mini Militia / doodle army 2
3. Finally restore the data. 
4. Now the pro pack apk will be fully activated. 

I hope these methods will be sufficient to activate the mini militia pro pack apk for android device. 
If you find any difficulty then you can leave a reply below this post!!!


mini militia pro pack free for iOS

For iOS devices you need to have access to the cydia for upgrading / cracking the pro pack of minimilitia. Follows the steps carefully!!!


1. Open the cydia app.
2. Then search for doodle army 2 hack.
3. Select it and tap on the install button.
4. Then open your iOS device settings.
5. Now scroll down and select Mini militia/ Doodle Army 2 and then reboot your device and enable all the options. 
6. It's almost done now. Open the mini milita app and check the features. 
7. You will now have unlimited battle points, full customization, double guns and access to all weapons in the online play and much more. 
8. Enjoy the features!!! 


If you have got any doubts or clarification about any of the methods, then drop a comment below. We will get you back asap! :)


Mini Militia FAQ

People do have a number of queries about the Mini militia game. They do trigger their questions in various forums and Q&A sites. Most of the queries are not solved with the satisfactory answers. So we have decided to make a list of queries along with the answers in this post. 

mini militia faq


1. What is the review of mini militia?

Basically mini militia is a multiplayer shooting game developed by Appsonmiacs. It's now available for android and iOS devices. It is one of the finest game through which you can connect with your friends via WiFi hotspot and start the combat. For more details about this game, do check our ultimate Mini militia review post

2. How to become proficient player in Mini militia?

In order to master the game, there are few mini militia tricks which you can follow. If you wanna make some tweaks then try using our mini militia hack versions and rule the game!

3. How mini militia work?

Mini Militia basically works on the basis of the skills of player. The one who made the most number of kills will rank at the top of the table. In the multiplayer gaming, the team with the highest cumulative score of each member will be declared as the winner. In the online gaming, it allots a ranking for each player ranging from 0-100. The higher the better. 

4. How to avoid hackers on Mini militiia online play?

In the multiplayer gaming, if some of your friends are using hack, then you may boot them from the game.  Whereas in the online play, I would say it's not possible to avoid hackers. Else wait until mini militia developers comes with a new update. 

5. How do I use timer bombs in Mini militia?

Well it;s a good question. The timer bomb is available in some of the mini militia maps only. Once you land on that bomb you can collect it. Click on the bomb option to toggle it to timer bomb. Then finally you can through on through towards the wall. When the opponent moves through that path, he will be blasted. One can also directly through the time bomb over the opponent to kill him.

6. How to increase my skill points in Mini Militia?

In order to improve your skill point you need to play like a pro. We have created a separate posts where you can find many mini militia tips to improve your skills

7. How do I deploy miner in Mini militia?

Miner is another name of the timer bombs. So kindly refer to the 5th question in this post for more info. 

8. How do I play mini militia with friends from home?

We have created a complete tutorial for this query. Do read this post to know how to play mini militia with friends?

9. Is there a mini militia hack tools?

Yes for root phones, one can use hack tools like lucky patcher or freedom apk to hack mini militia.

10.  What are some amazing facts about mini militia?

It is one of the addictive game among the college students. One amazing fact about this cool game is that we can either play with our friends via hotspot or play with our strangers online. Also it's possible to connect upto 16 players at once in a gameplay. The different type of guns and maps adds more value to it. 

11. How to decide the winner in mini militia?

Basically a winner is mini militia has to make the maximum number of kills. When it comes to team, the cumulative score of all the team members should be high. 

12. How to hack doodle army 2: mini militia to upgrade to pro version for free?

Do check this post on various methods to hack mini militia.

13. How to install doodle army 2 mini militia on windows?

Still the developers has not launched this awesome game for windows. But still you can play it on your windows pc with bluestacks.

14. How to boot a player in mini militia multiplayer game?

15. Where to get the best cracked apk for mini militia game?

Our site has got all the best hacks, mods and cheats for mini militia

16. How to get pro pack without paying for it?

Just download the mini militia pro pack mod from our site.

17. Why is this game much popular among college students?

As it's a multiplayer shooting game, college students have a crush on it. It also supports team based playing. Hence it has gone viral. 

18. How do I play mini militia on PC with keyword?

Well check this link for the complete tutorial on how to play mini militia on PC. 

19. Which version of mini militia is a true one?

They are frequently updating the game with new version. For now, version 2.2.86 is the latest one. 

20. How to change the avatar name in mini militia?

Go to settings -> avatar -> enter the avatar name.

Hope you have got the interesting answers for your queries. 

Do comment if you have got more questions about mini militia. 

We are happy to provide the answers. 


It's always fun while playing mini militia with your fellow friends. And there are chances wherein a player may use some sort of hack versions. So it will be annoying to play with such guys. So in the mini militia latest version they have introduced an option to boot the player. The permission for boot is available for the one who host the game. So let me now explain, how to boot a player in mini militia...

Also check: How to hack mini militia?


1. Turn on hotspot on your device. Let the players connect to your wifi. 

2. Next select Multiplayer and host the game.

3. Wait till the players connect to your game. 

4. Now you will find the settings button next to the player name. 

5. Select that button. On click that you will find a pop up similar to the one below. 

how to boot mini militia

6. Now select the Boot option. 

7. It's done now. You have booted the player from the play. 

mini militia boot

Mini Militia Unlimited health hack

          Mini militia game has gone quite popular in the recent days among the gamers. It's really an addictive game and  a biggest time killer. You would have played mini militia hours together online or with your friends via LAN wifi. 

          Well you would have noticed that some players be still alive even if you have attacked them. It's all possible because they are using the unlimited health hack version. Hence they are able to stay live throughout the game. So this post is prepared exclusively for the unlimited health hack of mini militia. We have added mod apk for both rooted and non rooted android users. 

mini militia unlimited health hack

Unlimited Health Hack for Non Rooted android users

     There are a lot of sites that provides the alternate game apk which comes along with the unlimited health mod. This kind of hacks using the alternate game hack will make the work easy for the player but it will not give the option to switch back to the normal mode. It is the only drawback involved in this kind of hacks. There are a lot of fake website which does not have the proper hacked one or even a proper link but just for increasing the traffic of their website they use this game and mod name. 

     But don't worry the mod that is posted here is tested personally by us in many devices. It's working fine in all android devices. So let's start the hacking process. 


Mini militia unlimited health hack is now available for non rooted android users too. It's unlimited health version 2.2.52. 

Click here to download 
unlimited heath hack mod version 2.2.52

Do share this apk directly to your whatsapp friends/ groups :) 

Mini militia unlimited health mod apk hack download

Link: click here, (old version 2.2..23)

Note: If it doesn't work fine then you may also try this alternative mod file : click here / alternative link

MOD APK installation procedure: 

1.  Uninstall the original game from the device.

2. Download and install the game from the given link.

3. Once installed you can now enjoy the hacked game play.

Additional Features of this unlimited health MOD apk:

1. Get Infinite Health throughout the game play.
2. No death throughout the game. 
3. Unlimited Flying/ Jetpack Power
4. Unlimited Ammo - get unlimited bullets for your gun. Just keep shooting....
5. Upgraded to the Pro Pack and you can have access to premium features like avatar customization, all guns access in online play and much more.
6. Additional HD background skins during the game play. 
7. Supports non rooted devices too.

Unlimited health hack of rooted android devices

Here is a featured video describing the steps to get unlimited health in the rooted devices. Follow it carefully to get access to the premium hacked features of mini militia. 

Mini militia Unlimited health hack for iOS devices with cydia

Hack requirements for iOS:

- Jailbreak device

- iFile / Filza / iFunbox / iTools or any other file manger for iOS

- Cydia Substrate (from Cydia)

- PreferenceLoader (from Cydia)

Steps to be followed for using the unlimited hack in iOS:

1. Download the file from this link.

2. Using the file manager, browse to folder where the game has been stored and install it.

3. Let the file manager finish the cheat installation.

4. Get to the settings of the device and scroll down until you find the cheat settings and tap on it. If you do not see the cheat settings try respring or reboot your device. Make sure that all the requirements given above had been met.

5. Turn on the feature you want and play the game.

Here is an alternative method where our friend shows the procedure to install hacked mini militia in iOS via cydia. 

Use the above steps shown for Android and iOS to use the hacked version of game for unlimited health in Mini Militia.

If you have got any problem with the installation of the unlimited health hack then drop a comment so that we can return to you asap!!!

Mini militia latest version

Hope you are all enjoying the game play with Mini militia. They have now come back with the latest new updated version 2.2.59. In this version they have added 3 new maps and even health bar of your opponent can be viewed. Sounds interesting right? Let's discuss all the features in detail throughout this post. And at last we also have added the mini militia pro pack mod version 2.2.59.  You can have access to all premium features for free. Also as an additional feature we have made the mod with unlimited ammo, jetpack, nitro and grenade bombs.


1. Three cool maps added in this version 2.2.59, namely,

  • Crossfire
  • Cliffhanger
  • Suspension

Let's have a few pictures of these maps one by one... :) 


The following pictures will get you a fair overview of the map. The map is as simple as that. In this map they have introduced a new type of gun. It consists of 30 bullets and up to 4* zoom capacity. 

new gun

mini militia latest maps


This level has got the special gun which we used to have in catacombs. The map extends long in the vertical fashion. It usually requires full jetpack to move across the maps. 


The suspension location seems to be quite big. It has got a wide area to combat. Just look over the various locations of this map from the below images.

2. Apart from these you can even check the health meter of your opponent. With that you can decide whether to combat with him or not. 

3. Sign up / sign in is not needed everytime to make it more secure. 

4. Additional guns added. 


Well now let's move on to the main  part of this post - The ultimate pro pack mod version with additional features. 

Features of this MOD apk file:

* Upgraded to Pro pack by default

* All the items on store is already purchased

* Find people who are hiding behind the bush

* Health bar of your component

* Unlimited ammo, jetpack & nitro

* Unlimited grenade bombs / green bombs 

Note: Uninstall the current version of mini militia and install this mode. 

If you have got any issues while installing or any other problems, then feel free to drop a comment below. 

Mini Militia Tricks & Tips

mini militia tips and tricks for android

Mini militia has always been our favorite multiplayer game. You would have spent hours in playing mini militia game. Before you read this post answer the questions listed below. 

1) Are you a newbie to mini militia?
2) Are you failing to get high scores and ranks?
3) Have you ever felt that you need to improve your skills?
4) Do you deserve to become a pro gamer in mini militia?
5) Do you want to master the game?

If the answer is YES for the above questions then this post is ultimately for you. After reading these tips and tricks for mini militia you can definitely improve your skill and compete well with your opponents. If you are already a pro player then you may skip these steps :) 

Doodle army 2: Mini Militia Tricks and Tips

  • Never get into a combat with a Pro player who has high scores and experience.
  • Avoid using weapons like piston which does not make a powerful impact on enemies.
  • Always, keep the weapon reloaded before engaging into a battle.
  • Keep the fly power (blue bar) full whenever possible so that it will be useful when trying to escape from a battle.
  • Avoid getting in the middle of the attack which is been carried out between other players unless knowing how to kill them both. 
  • Committing suicide is a better choice when the health is low rather than giving the points to the other player by killing. 
  • When a bomb has been thrown on you, sitting down would help the player to have less impact on one’s health.
  • Place the poison grenade (green grenade) in the place where the opponents would spawn that will kill the opponent automatically.
  • Try getting the powerful like shotgun, rifle, sniper, rocket launcher during the combat. 
  • Make a wise use of double guns.
  • Shield and a pistol or revolver would make a great defence as well as offence. 
  • No use in getting into a combat with hackers, as they would be in god mode.
  • Rocket launcher is the most powerful weapon, if you know to aim and shoot.
  • Sniper Rifle and a killer sword is a great combination for long and short range encounters.
  • Replace the weapons as soon as possible if the ammo get low without spare ammo to reload.
  • Lower the shield when the bomb is being thrown at you could save one’s life. 
  • Melee will help you in giving extra boost. 
  • The user could choose the map in the lobby where the players get ready. Try clicking on the ‘Maps’ button to vote for the map.
  • Switch to fist if it is very close encounter as the weapons may not make a great effect.
  • Last, but not the least. Keep playing until you get good experience and compete with the opponents. 

Share these tips to your whatsapp friends & groups directly by clicking on the below button

Follow the mini militia tricks and tips listed above to improve your rankings and scores. If you have got any other tricks which are not listed above then drop a comment so that we can add it here. 

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