Mini Militia Download

Mini militia game has become one of the most popular multi player shooting game in the market. The mini militia is available for both Android and iOS devices. Mini Militia APK can be download from Google Play Store.  It is quite popular among the teenagers and particularly among the students. Mini Militia has got the features to play with 6 players online using the quick play mode and also to play with 12 players using the multiplayer connected in the local Wifi hotspot. 

mini militia hack

The default app that you download has limited features and has got many restrictions. You need to upgrade your app to have access to all the pro features. They just charge 0.99$ for having access to the pro pack features. Here are the things that you get along with mini militia pro pack APK.

Features of Mini Militia Pro Pack

  • Full access to various mini militia costumes and avatars
  • Get access to all guns on the online play
  • Ability to access rocket launcher and sniper
  • Get machete and dual wield 

    How to upgrade to mini militia pro pack?

    1. Do download the official mini militia game from play store or app store. 
    2. Once installed open the game and tap on the front screen. 

    mini militia mod apk

    3. Next, choose Upgrade button at the top.

    4. Now you will find a screen something like the one below. Select the restore option. 

    mini militia pro pack

    5. Next, choose your Gmail account and click "ok".

    6. Finally select Purchase at the bottom right. 

    7. As the last step select the payment mode and complete the payment of Rs.61.35 or 0.99$. 

    mini militia hack apk

    As most of the people are finding that these mini militia hack versions are affecting the gameplay, we have removed the mini militia hack and mod APK files.  We are very concerned about the user experience of the game. So we are in a position to remove all the mini militia mod. We highly recommend you to download the game from play store itself. 

    Mini militia APK download

    Mini Militia Hack

    Tired of losing Mini Militia matches with friends? New to the game and cannot play with level of good players? Ever thought of winning matches so badly? Then we are here to provide all the necessary hacks and tricks to win the game and blow out your friend’s minds. Think how cool it would be to move through the walls and shoot your opponents. Imagine amazing it would be if you can rain bombs on your friends without limitations. Here we give you 10 awesome hacks that would help you to get the job done. So sit back and chill as we are about to unleash the mods.

    Some people prefer to use Lucky Patcher and Toggle Mod apps to hack thy game. By using these apps we can hack the game without any problem and it eliminates the need of separate downloading of the Mod. You can patch the binary files with these apps and hack the game. But the problem with these apps is that they require rooted phones. So to avoid such boring and annoying tasks we provide you with these simple solutions.

    1. Mini Militia Unlimited Jet pack or nitrous Hack

    Running out of nitrous is the worst thing that can happen to a gamer. Especially if you have no guns and no place to hide and an enemy flying towards you. This the worst nightmare of the gamers. Sometimes falling out of cliffs due to lack of nitro makes us feel hopeless. A report has gathered that Lack of nitrous is the second main reason for losing points in the game But here is the Mod to give you unlimited nitrous and fly like a bird throughout the game. This Mod is called Nitro pack hack or jetpack hack.  Looks like someone is getting hope again. But remember this Mod does not provide you with extra features other than unlimited jetpack and this mean its little bit of playing the game fair.

    Features of Unlimited Nitrous Mod

    1.  You are never going to think about picking up jetpack boosts again.
    2.  This Mod also comes with a special ability to survive the poisonous gas bombs which are an added advantage. 
    3. This Mod comes with pro-pack features, so we suggest you buy the pro-pack first then install the Mod.
    4. Use melee attack button to give a boost of speed. This gives you an added speed higher than the normal speed.
    5. Some new avatars are added in this Mod.

    Download link:

    How to Install

    1. Remove the current application from your mobile.
    2. Download the Mod from the above link.
    3. Stop Google services for some time.
    4. Install the app and give all the necessary permissions for the app.
    5. Never update the app. Always click Later Button when the update information pops up. 

    2. Mini Militia wall hack

    Float around the games like the phantom. No more bounds for you. No obstacles can stop you from moving around the games. Fly through the walls block heads and anything that stands before you. You might have seen this before while playing online. No one can shoot you when you are inside the walls. Installing this Mod also gives you the unlimited jetpack and unlimited ammo and grenades. So you don’t have to worry about anything in the game. Just float and blast your friends. 

     Features of Wall Hack

    1. You can move and shoot through the walls.

    2. Forget about reloading your gun
    3. Unlimited ammo
    4. Unlimited bombs
    5. Float in the mid-air like Ghost
    6. Find who is hiding behind the bushes
    7. Fire two bullets at a time.

    Download Link:

    How to install

    1. Uninstall previous application you have on your phone.

    2. Download the wall hack Mod from the above link.
    3. Give the app necessary permissions.
    4. Enjoy the game. 

    3. Mini Militia One Shot Kill Mod

    This Mod is by far the most downloaded Mod of all times. This is because this Mod has the ability to blend with and look like the original official app. Initially, people cannot suspect the hack and this Mod was so successful but later people began to raise suspicion over this Mod. So this Mod is modified as High Damage Bullets Mod. 
    This Mod is better than Invisible Ghost mod and inside wall mod, because you don’t have unlimited health while using this mod. People recognise a hacked player by looking for an unlimited hack. This mod doesn’t give chance for that. A single bullet can cause much damage to other players. People also tried in online and said they cannot find any hacks involved in the game. 

    The feature of One shot kill

    1. Damages caused by the bullets is high.
    2. All guns have better-aiming capacities.
    3. This Mod comes with the pro pack. All features of pro pack are accessible.
    4. You will get unlimited nitrous or jetpack.
    5. You will have all items from the stores.
    7. You can fire dual bullets but only you can see them.

    Download Link

    How to install

    1. Uninstall any previously installed game.
    2. Download the mod from the link.
    3. Install and give necessary permissions for the app.
    4. Run the Game.

    4. Mini Militia unlimited Bomb hack:

    Hate shooting these little bullets? Want to have some fireworks in the game?  Then this is the right Mod for You. Forget your guns and their bullets. This Mod gives you a unlimited number of bombs we use in the game. Imagine raining bombs all around your enemies and they running away from you. Sounds interesting right?

    This Bomb mod gives you a unlimited number of all bombs that we use in the game. As you all know there are three types of bombs in the game.
    ·         The normal grenades that explodes after two seconds  
    ·         The Green gas bomb that spreads toxic gas in the air

    ·         The time bomb which explodes on contact with your enemies

    Features of bomb hack:
    1. Unlimited grenades
    2. Unlimited gas bombs
    3. Unlimited sensor mines or time bombs.
    4. Unlimited nitrous
    5. Unlimited Ammo
    6. Pro pack enabled

    Download Link

    How to install:
    1. Remove the current version of the game.
    2. Turn off Google play store services for a while.
    3. Download the Mod from the Link.

    4. Install the Mod from the above link.

    5. Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack | God Mod:

    Become the Mighty God of Mini Militia. Become invincible and immortal in the game. Enjoy the power of invincible. Take every shots fired in the game like a Meta human and blast them with your powers. This is the perfect Mod for all smart phones and ios. This Mod will never let you die. Even some hacks like invisible mod can fail since you have chance of getting hit by the random bullet fired in the game. But in this Mod you can never die in the game. So this Mod is known as God Mod. The name sounds perfects as the Mod is. 

    Features of God Mod:
    1. You have the power of Immortality.
    2.  The pro pack of the game is fully unlocked for you.
    3. Infinite ammo usage. Never run outn of bullets
    4. You can have unlimited number of normal grenades.
    5.  No reload.
    6. Unlimited nitrous or jetpack
    7. You can have the power of one shot dead. Experience the power of firing four bullets at once.
    Download Link:

    How to Install:
    1. Uninstall the old version of the app.
    2. Download the Mod from the above link.
    3. Install and run the game.

    4. Don’t update the game whenever the update info screen pops up.

    6. Mini Militia Double gun| Dual wield weapons:

    What if you could wield two of your favourite weapons at once? Sounds interesting right? Pair any two of your weapons and send your friends flying home. For example if you could pair a sniper and a Ak-47 you c have a powerful combination. If you could have a shot gun and sniper you will be dealing damages on both close range and far range.
                            Although some of the guns can be wielded dual they aren’t much efficient than our custom combination of guns. Some weapons which can be dual wield are
    ·         Uzi
    ·         Pistol
    ·         Magnum
    ·         Desert Eagle

    ·         Machete
    Features of Dual wield Mod:
    1. This mod gives you the pro pack unlocked
    2. You can have unlimited ammunition.
    3. This Mod does not have unlimited health
    4. Dual Gun Wielding
    Download Link:
    How to install:
    1. Remove the old Mini militia game first.
    2. Download the Game from the above link
    3. Install the game
    4. Do not update the game. Click Later whenever the update information pops up.

    Why we stopped sharing mini militia hack version and APK? 

    Mini Militia did make a great revolution in the mobile gaming platforms and pulled most of the enthusiasts to experience the best combat gaming on a mobile platform. Most of the good games in the market always get hacked as the users want to tweak it around and mini militia is no excuse for that. Mini Militia hack apk have been all over the internet and been a wildfire as it spread on a large scale. 

    Even though using these mini militia hack version will get the user to achieve things easily. Because they could get their hands on the mini militia hacked version and master the game at ease. But these versions have fade out from their use because they can never make the user feel the real essence of the game. 

    The posts are trending over the internet for mini militia unlimited ammo, mini militia unlimited health and so on, which did a great for the hackers. We have even released the mini militia mod apk which the user could download and just install it on the go and get unlimited everything. 

    All these hacks seem great in the beginning but as the days go, they will miss the real fun over the games because it's very easy to find the hacked or modded users in the game. This would result in the users quitting their game as they knew it not worth playing with the hackers. It's not always about a single user as far as this game is concerned because it would spoil the fun for all the users who would end up playing on the same server as the hacked user. 

    Hacking a game is easy but playing it fair and square with full potential are the pro standards. A real gamer would never use a hack or a mod apk to prove he is a better game than most. A real gamer would rather stop playing the game than to hack it and spoil the real fun of the game. No one is going to stop a user from using a Mini Militia hack but remembers it spoils the game’s real flavour, so if you want to spoil it then go ahead.

    A game is not just a game its much more than life, only a true gamer can relate to this line.


    Mini Militia Custom Play Online

    Mini militia is one of the best multiplayer shooting games. It allows you to play with your friends either via wifi hotspot or online. Many of you would have know about quick play option in mini militia, which allows you to play online. One common thing that people feel about online play is that, you would need to play with the strangers. Also some of the people would play mini militia hack version, which is quite annoying.

    So here comes the ultimate solution for it. You can now play with your known friends online via custom play. In this post we have added the step by step tutorial to play this awesome game with your friends.


    1. Create an online group (whatsapp / facebook / hike) with the friends you wish to play. 

    2. Make sure all of your friends are available online for the combat. 

    3. Now you ought to setup the custom play. For that open the game and choose Multiplayer

    mini militia multiplayer online game with whatsapp friends

    4. Next select Custom option. 

    mini militia custom play

    5. Now a list of available servers will be loading. 

    6. Pick any one of the server from the list. In my case I have chosen "Battlezone Kilo"

    7. On selecting JOIN you will end up in a page where you need to host a new game. 

    8. Selecting "HOST" it will prompt you for a NAME of the game. 

    9. Give some custom name which will be easy to share with your friends on the group. 

    10. Once done you will now be able to see the game play dashboard. 

    11. It's all set now. It's time to ask your friends to join the play. Just go to the group which you created with your friends and share the server name and the name of the game which you hosted. 

    12. Once everyone joins start enjoying the play. 

    13. In order to avoid strange people you can also protect your game with "Password".

    14. To do so, just tap on the Lock symbol at the bottom right of the screen. Then enter a custom password of your interest. 

    15. You may share the password with your friends to avoid strangers in your game play. 

    Hope you all would like this detailed post on "How to play mini militia with your friends online?" 

    Feel free to comment if you have got any issues on these steps. 

    We all play mini militia, right? Have ever noticed that few players will be using some short form while playing mini militia online. Those are called as the chat keywords. It will be difficult for you to understand as  a NOOBIE. So here we are going to clear you all the doubts. This post will consists of the list of mini militia chat codes and commands used during the game play.

    Mini militia chat words & codes list

    • LG – lets go,yea
    • BI – bring it
    • GS – get some
    • RU – ready up
    • NN – noooooooooooo
    • CB – come on boy
    • NS – Nice shot
    • GG – Good Game
    • HH –  A perfect fighting machine
    • CM – cover me
    • MO –  move out
    • WP – You wanna piece of me!
    • GM – Oh, They got me!

    These are the chat voice that you hear during the play! Hope you like these collections of chat codes for the mini militia! You can also download and save these chat words for future reference. :) 

    We also recommend you to read these posts!!!


    mini militia avatar names

    Its always a fun to name the mini militia avatars. To be specific, those who play mini militia online will tend to have some eye catchy cool avatar names in mini militia. So here we have made this post exclusively which has a collection of the most popular mini militia avatar names list.

    Visit: Mini militia mod apk for free


    YOU - It is used to cheat the co players as it shows YOU have killed every time you killed others. 
    Connecting... - To tweak others while joining the game play during online play.

    Funny mini militia avatar names

    Darth Vader
    Killing Machine
    Cut That Crap
    Dead shot
    Knight Rider
    The Joker
    Dead End
    Bunker King
    Sho gun
    Tiger King
     One shot killer
    Suicide Machine
    The Drinker
    Ultimate bomber
    Captain Hook
    Skull Dude
    Count dracula
    The Daemon
    Vekkada vedi
    Roman reigns
    Heart hacker
    Jagga Daaku
    bomb blaster
    Chir Dalunga
    Captain America
    Big show
    Hard rocks..
    Militia King
    Serial killers
    King Cobra
    Super dude
    Love India

    Sniper reloaded
    Baby doll 

    Share this awesome list with your friends on whatsapp 


    To edit the avatar name and add your custom names follow the below steps...

    1) Open the mini militia app
    2) Choose Settings available as the last option.
    3) Then select "AVATAR"
    4) Now you will find the avatar name. Click on it edit it with your custom name. 

    If you have got any other interesting avatar names for mini militia then drop a comment so that we will add them to the list :)

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    Mini Militia Tricks & Tips

    mini militia tips and tricks for android

    Mini militia has always been our favorite multiplayer game. You would have spent hours in playing mini militia game. Before you read this post answer the questions listed below. 

    1) Are you a newbie to the mini militia?
    2) Are you failing to get high scores and ranks?
    3) Have you ever felt that you need to improve your skills?
    4) Do you deserve to become a pro gamer in mini militia?
    5) Do you want to master the game?

    If the answer is YES for the above questions then this post is ultimately for you. There are few mini militia hacks, cheats and tweaks with which you can master the game.  After reading these tips and tricks for mini militia you can definitely improve your skill and compete well with your opponents. If you are already a pro player then you may skip these steps :) 

    Doodle army 2: Mini Militia Tricks and Tips

    • Never get into a combat with a Pro player who has high scores and experience.
    • Avoid using weapons like piston which does not make a powerful impact on enemies.
    • Always, keep the weapon reloaded before engaging into a battle.
    • Keep the fly power (blue bar) full whenever possible so that it will be useful when trying to escape from a battle.
    • Avoid getting in the middle of the attack which is been carried out between other players unless knowing how to kill them both. 
    • Committing suicide is a better choice when the health is low rather than giving the points to the other player by killing. 
    • When a bomb has been thrown on you, sitting down would help the player to have less impact on one’s health.
    • Place the poison grenade (green grenade) in the place where the opponents would spawn that will kill the opponent automatically.
    • Try getting the powerful like shotgun, rifle, sniper, rocket launcher during the combat. 
    • Make a wise use of double guns.
    • Shield and a pistol or revolver would make a great defence as well as offence. 
    • No use in getting into a combat with hackers, as they would be in god mode.
    • Rocket launcher is the most powerful weapon, if you know to aim and shoot.
    • Sniper Rifle and a killer sword is a great combination for long and short range encounters.
    • Replace the weapons as soon as possible if the ammo get low without spare ammo to reload.
    • Lower the shield when the bomb is being thrown at you could save one’s life. 
    • Melee will help you in giving extra boost. 
    • The user could choose the map in the lobby where the players get ready. Try clicking on the ‘Maps’ button to vote for the map.
    • Switch to fist if it is very close encounter as the weapons may not make a great effect.
    • Last, but not the least. Keep playing until you get good experience and compete with the opponents. 

    Share these tips to your whatsapp friends & groups directly by clicking on the below button

    Follow the mini militia cheats, tricks and tips listed above to improve your rankings and scores. If you have got any other cheats/ tricks which are not listed above then drop a comment so that we can add it here. 

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    Mini Militia Unlimited health hack

              Mini militia game has gone quite popular in the recent days among the gamers. It's really an addictive game and  a biggest time killer. You would have played mini militia hours together online or with your friends via LAN wifi. 

              Well you would have noticed that some players be still alive even if you have attacked them. It's all possible because they are using the unlimited health hack version. Hence they are able to stay live throughout the game. So this post is prepared exclusively for the unlimited health hack of mini militia. We have added mod apk for both rooted and non rooted android users. 

    mini militia unlimited health hack

    Unlimited Health Hack for Non Rooted android users

         There are a lot of sites that provides the alternate game apk which comes along with the unlimited health mod. This kind of hacks using the alternate game hack will make the work easy for the player but it will not give the option to switch back to the normal mode. It is the only drawback involved in this kind of hacks. There are a lot of fake website which does not have the proper hacked one or even a proper link but just for increasing the traffic of their website they use this game and mod name.

         But don't worry the mod that is posted here is tested personally by us in many devices. It's working fine in all android devices. So let's start the hacking process. 


    As per the request of mini militia developers, the unlimited health hack has been deleted from our site. Do download the official mini militia game from the below play store link. 

    Click here to download 
    unlimited heath hack mod version 2.2.52

    Do share this apk directly to your whatsapp friends/ groups :) 

    Mini militia unlimited health mod apk hack download

    MOD APK installation procedure: 

    1.  Uninstall the original game from the device.

    2. Download and install the game from the given link.

    3. Once installed you can now enjoy the hacked game play.

    Additional Features of this unlimited health MOD apk:

    1. Get Infinite Health throughout the game play.
    2. No death throughout the game. 
    3. Unlimited Flying/ Jetpack Power
    4. Unlimited Ammo - get unlimited bullets for your gun. Just keep shooting....
    5. Upgraded to the Pro Pack and you can have access to premium features like avatar customization, all guns access in online play and much more.
    6. Additional HD background skins during the game play. 
    7. Supports non rooted devices too.

    Unlimited health hack of rooted android devices

    Here is a featured video describing the steps to get unlimited health in the rooted devices. Follow it carefully to get access to the premium hacked features of mini militia. 

    Mini militia Unlimited health hack for iOS devices with cydia

    Hack requirements for iOS:

    - Jailbreak device

    - iFile / Filza / iFunbox / iTools or any other file manger for iOS

    - Cydia Substrate (from Cydia)

    - PreferenceLoader (from Cydia)

    Steps to be followed for using the unlimited hack in iOS:

    1. Download the file from this link.

    2. Using the file manager, browse to folder where the game has been stored and install it.

    3. Let the file manager finish the cheat installation.

    4. Get to the settings of the device and scroll down until you find the cheat settings and tap on it. If you do not see the cheat settings try respring or reboot your device. Make sure that all the requirements given above had been met.

    5. Turn on the feature you want and play the game.

    Here is an alternative method where our friend shows the procedure to install hacked mini militia in iOS via cydia. 

    Use the above steps shown for Android and iOS to use the hacked version of game for unlimited health in Mini Militia.

    If you have got any problem with the installation of the unlimited health hack then drop a comment so that we can return to you asap!!!

    Mini Militia by SHD

    The SHD version of mini militia is a hack and modded apk. It has got many premium features which you can't find the normal game downloaded from Play Store. It's always a fun to play with these kind of premium skills. Knowing that many people don't want to risk their phone by rooting, we have created this mod apk which works fine with non rooted android devices. Lets now list out the special features of this crack.

    mini militia by shd


    • Unlimited Health
    • Unlimited flying power 
    • Unlimited ammo (Provided the player kills the other player with the same gun) 
    • Upgraded to Pro Pack by default
    • Suicide Option available.
    • Can kill others outside the map
    • New Avatar


    1. Download the shd mod apk from the below links.

    2. Uninstall the current mini militia game before you install this mod apk.

    3. Once installed open the app to enjoy the unlimited features.


    Don't pick up the guns if you are getting kicked. Else hack detection would detect.

    It's always recommended to use pistol to not get caught by the hack detector.

    While you play online just kill the opponents with the default gun you have in your hand at the respawn time.

    In order to avoid freeze during the play don't change the weapons or pick available guns from the floor.


     Click here to download the mod apk file (48 mb)

    Credits: Sahadikr 

    The above download file was specially modded by sahadikr. 
    If you have got any issues with this mod apk then drop a comment below. 
    Though mini militia is our favorite game, at times a continous play would be boring. So we end up searching few more games like mini militia. If you are one in this category, then this post is specially made for you. Here we will cover the top 5 mini militia like games to enjoy with your friends. These games are available for many platforms like android, ios and even for PC.

    The list goes like this.... 

    1. Special Forces Group 2 

    This game is exactly like a mini-militia. A perfect replacement game for the mini militia. Like mini militia, it also has a dual mode single player mode (with bots) similar to survival training in the mini militia. And multiplayer game similar to mini militia the host has to engage hotspot and another player has to connect to that and IP will be assigned. And we can play the game without any lag.

    It has 5 gaming mode like classic, resurrection, capture the flag, zombie mode, bomb mode. And it also has a lot of guns which includes a pistol, shotguns, Submachine guns, rifles, machine guns, etc.

    It also has some bonus feature like bullet proof vest and we can have 5 characters per team and this game can be played in 7 different languages.

    2. Local Warfare

    Local warfare is a LAN multiplayer game with which we can battle with our friends on a local network similar to the mini militia but it’s a Lite game. It also has a zombie Survival Mode, This is a challenge mode like how long we can stay alive. The graphics are much better than mini militia.

    This game supports up to 10 players in local hotspot mode. The method is similar to mini militia connect your android device to a hotspot or a wifi router and enter the IP assigned to enter into the game. This game has a five different difficulty level.

    3. Neon Shadow

    Neon Shadow is shooting game like mini militia it also has a dual mode first person shooting and multiplayer in LAN. Neon Shadow is similar to terminator movie we have to save the world from the robots which take over the world. It has a lot of options to customize how you look to suit up and grab your shotgun.

    It has a lot of features like a single player campaign, Online multiplayer deathmatch mode, LAN multiplayer deathmatch mode. This game contains ads its kind of disturbing. So instead of downloading original apk try downloading mod apk (without ads).

    One more main feature is that it has controller support (red samurai). Two players split screen mode is also available only on tabs and before choosing the controller check over the supported list of the controller. This game supports Moga controllers, Nvidia shield, red samurai.

    4. Shadowgun

    Shadowgun DeadZone is one of the best shooting game that too in multiplayer mode. This game has a wonderful graphics like PlayStation.Up to 12 players can be played this game involves lots of tactics. It is more than a shooting game. It gives us the liberty to choose from two game modes – Deathmatch and Zone Control in addition to this it also has various maps. For each mode, we can choose from 10 playable characters,

    As a character's ranking increases, new elements will be unlocked and available during gameplay. And lots of new elements included like control elements such as sprint and roll have been implemented. 

    A wide-ranging Assault Rifles, Machine guns, Plasma Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Rocket Launcher and much more, all of which are upgradable. Various items including Medi Kit, Ammo Kit, Flash Grenades, EMP Grenades, Frag Grenades, Sentry Guns and Mines. All this are exactly like mini militia even the guns used are very similar but this game has some advantages over mini militia like the graphics and interface. 

    Though there are a lot of games similar to mini militia there is some upper hand feature which mini militia has over the other games of the same kind. Like time setting in the mini militia. This time gives us an adrenaline rush to get the higher point within a limited time.Which is the most plus of mini militia.

    Shadow Fight 2

    Shadow Fight 2 is a classical Fighting game. In this game, we can equip our character with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets. In this game, we have to humiliate demon bosses, and kill enemies. This game is exclusively designed for touch screens. But not lesser to the game played with a gaming console.

    This game has six different levels like different worlds full of menacing demons this is like boss level and keep the thrill up.we can customize our fighter with epic swords, nunchaku, armor suits, magical powers, and more. This is one of the best parts of this game. While playing this game with friends if we have some magical powers up our sleeve will give us cutting edge.

    Hope you all found these games interesting. If you have played any other games like mini militia which is not covered in the list then kindly drop a comment. So that we can add them here. 

    Doodle Army (DA2) popularly known as Mini Militia is a most prominent game played in android and ios. It is created by appsomniacs as a continuation of Doodle Army. It can be played both online and local hotspot. The main downside from the appsomniacs advancement group was the D2A Mini Militia was not discharged for the windows versatile stage. Presently the advancement group have thought of some uplifting news to the windows client. Let us discuss the updates below.

    doodle army 3

    The appsomniacs team was evolved from a outcome of the collaborative effort among few friends who are passionate about making games.

    Doodle Army 1

    The group concocted their first game Doodle Army an unending stickman shooting experience amusement with the doodle illustrations. The game starts with the instructional exercise where the character voyages a long separation by hopping over the objects and battling with aggressors with the 40 sorts of weapons which shows up in the travel and with the different mode of play. 

    In the tutorial a drille sergeant will welcome you and take you through the essential of the game and closures with an expert wrap up. The greater part of gameplay in doodle army force was to move towards a completing point while shooting at the foes that run over you. One of the highlighted include that accessible in the game is blood splatter alternative. The blood-filled screen demonstrates the low vitality which prompts that the character going to die.

    The game was accessible as a free form and a paid version. The free form moderately offers a conventional measure of substance. To utilize the full choices one has to buy it for $0.99. Right now, the diversion was accessible in the entire mobile platform including the windows store. 

    Doodle Army 2

    After some profitable feedback from the users, the advancement group thought of an improve and most encouraging rendition of doodle armed force 2 (Mini Militia). Were the game came up with multiplayer option with up to 6 players on the web and with 12 players locally. Again the game starts like its forerunner with the instructional exercise. The new training option permits the player to prepare themselves before they go into the web or local fights. A portion of the adjustments in the D2A from its ancestor was the long voyaging alternative was evacuated and maps was presented which turned into a shut amusement battle. Furthermore, the multiplayer also features up to form a team and battle up.

    Doodle Army 3

    The feedback given by the players and windows users to the appsomniacs development group, they are attempting to discharge a new game the Doodle Army 3 by this year. The windows users feeling bad for not accessible of the DA2 (mini militia ) on the windows platform. The team came up with a reply to a user stated that the team was working hard to get integrated with the windows platform but the framework they was using does not have good support for Windows devices. Furthermore, they likewise reports as of now they are chipping away at Doodle Army 3 game which is additionally like that of Mini Militia. This will be accessible in all stage including the Windows gadgets.
    Motu patlu games are as popular as the motu and patlu cartoon from NICK tv. This cartoon has a huge fan base among the kids. Even my cousin watch motu and patlu for over 3 hours daily. The way they characters express in the cartoon are pretty well. There are tons of motu and patlu games in the play store. But we have selectively picked up some of the best motu patlu games which you must try out for sure. 

    1. Motu Patlu Racing games

    motu patlu games free download for android

    Motu Patlu Games is an adventures android game which has got over 1 million downloads on  play store. The game is all about the race between four characters namely Motu, Patlu, John The Don, Chingam in Furfuri Nagar.  Initially, Patlu is available for the race, subsiding characters are unlocked by spending coins whereas the characters also available for trial (3 races).  You can earn 50 coins freely per day by watching ads and more coins are earned through winning races.

    The game is simple to play where you tap the right side arrow symbol for jump and left side circle symbol to use boosts.  The boosts available are coconutter to hit the front character, mega box to hit following character whoever touches the box, samosizer to boost the speed of the character, portalizer to bring the front character to last and final one is rocketeer to slow down the preceding character. 

    Every character had three different vehicles to be used in between the race for 10 seconds.  The timer symbol is used to slow down the entire characters in the race.  The first place will be award with 50 coins and the successive will be award with 30, 20 and 10 coins.                                                


    • Tap the arrow mark twice when you see staircase hurdles and use a jumper to go high, at that time do not use the arrow key to move.
    • Earn more coins through the race and save it.  Because boost is very important in this game and if it is drained you will be asked to give 100 coins.
    • Use the mega box boost in between the game to slow down the following character.
    • Use your vehicle at the last moment because there are fewer hurdles in that part.
    • Before starting the race you will fill the boost in your game it will help you to start the game with your wishing boost.  

    2. Motu Patlu Game - King of Kings

    motu and patlu games online

    Motu Patlu king of kings is an inspiration game from the 3d computer animated adventure comedy film in India.  It is the first feature-length film based on the characters in India.  It is like a subway surfer game in which you have to jump in order to escape from spikes and swipe down when trees are approaching you.  The game is about the dangerous ride deep into the jungle to save the lion guddu kingdom from enemies.  You can switch between Motu and Patlu, which character you want to be in the game.  The game is simple to play in which you have to swipe up to jump and swipe down to roll.

    The tutorial is also available for beginners to guide them while running in the jungle.  Sometimes you will not get trap when you touches the edges of the spike.  The timer symbol is available at the left top corner for denoting the lasting time of the boosts.

    The boost is available in between the running path.  There are two types of boosts are available one is thunder - to increase the speed and another one is shield – to protect you from the enemies. There will be basket boost to collect the coins in the running path.  You can also hit the enemies by tapping the mobile screen before the few steps in front of him.  The leaderboard score is also available to see where your position is across the world.   

    Features of the game:
    • Easily swipe to control the game.
    • Your hype of playing this game will increase when you challenge yourself to score more and more points.
    • An endless run game in the jungle.
    • The graphics are too good which surely attracts the children and teenage to play the game.   

    3. Motu Patlu Running Games

    motu patlu running games

    Motu Patlu running is an adventure game for hours of fun and enjoyable too.  The theme of the game is to escape Motu Patlu doom in the hidden jungle. The game is available with three stages of difficulties such as beginner, advance and seasoned.  It is preferable for the gamer to choose beginner at first in order to get experience from the game.  There are 130 levels in each stage of difficulties. 

    The game is easy to play in which you have to tap the mobile for every jump when you face the struggles in the running path.  You have to collect the lotus flowers which act as the coins in this game.  Motu is the only character available for this game and you cannot change the direction of the character manually.  The only way to change the direction of the character is to hit it with a tree.  In between the running path, there will be rabbit flag to boost your speed and snail flag to slow down your speed.  There will be also jumper spring is present in the path to jump from lower position to high position.

               The main attraction of the game is that Motu wears super Mario dress and the game also look like super Mario.  The difficulty also increases when you move up in levels.  The difficulty in the sense that the number of spikes and flower pot will increase in number.  And you cannot increase the levels manually before the start of the game.


    • The player will guess the jumping position clearly for the safe move in the path.
    • Don’t jump near to tree because it changes the direction quickly which is having a high possibility of hitting the nearby flower pots.
    • Sometimes repeated tapping is needed for the regular jump between the hurdles.
    • After the jump from the spring tap quickly for another jump it will avoid you hit from the flower pot.

    4. Motu Patlu Auto Rider Game

    motu patlu car racing games

     Motu Patlu Auto Rider is an arcade game and it is especially liked by the children for their beloved cartoon character which is riding auto.  Motu and Patlu were sitting inside the auto and riding it joyfully by shaking heads.  The kids can easily attract towards the graphic of the game and their cartoon characters marvelous look in it.  The complete theme of the game is to escape from the destructors in their ride and earn more coins.

    In addition to the coins, you can also get petrol boost which gives life’s for your journey suppose you hit the opposite vehicles.  The number of boost you got and the same you will lose for every hit with the opposite vehicles.  You will tap the screen for the jump, for your need double tapping also available.  The coins would be added if the tires of the auto hit the coins. The speed of moving auto got increased for the distance you are moving. The distance is noted on the right side top corner and coins are displayed on the left side top corner.

    This game may help to boost the presence of mind and enjoyable playing at leisure time.  It gives more hype when you challenge with your relations or friends.  It is a sure entertainment for the kids.


    • It is a game for kids without any violence in it.
    • High definition graphics are available.
    • Smooth and easy control.
    • Increase the interest when you challenge with the more kids. 

    5. Motu Patlu Furious racing 8 game

    motu patlu racing games

    Motu Patlu furious racing 8 is an extreme bike driving game with heavy traffic on the highway.  It is an endless bike racing fun game which surely attracts all sorts of gamers.  The game is simple to play in which you have to tilt the mobile for the movement of the vehicle and overtake every vehicle in the path without hitting.  There will be nitrous mark available at the left side of the screen, use it to boost your bike’s speed. Then timer boost to slow down bike and magnet boost are also available for collecting all the coins in the highway within a short span of time.

    The extra 10 coins are credited for the close overtakes of the vehicles.  Earn more coins for buying a new bike to the characters.  Initially, Motu is available for ride and Patlu character is owned only through the coins.  There will be different bike colors also available which emerges the player to collect more coins for buying it. Chasing on the edge adds fun to your drive and increases your concentration level too.

    Holding the right steering will accelerate your vehicle at the same time holding the left steering will slows down your speed.  The distances covered are displayed on the speedometer which will constantly increase depending upon the speed.  It is preferable for the player to hold both steerings at first in order to get trained.


    • Different bike to buy with coins.
    • HD graphics
    • Smooth and easy control
    • Speedy turbo nitro
    • It makes more challenge able when you bet your best with friends.
    • The vehicle graphics will surely attract the kids and adults too.

    6. Motu Patlu Truck Simulator Game

    motu patlu games truck simulator

    Motu Patlu Truck Simulator is an arcade game and it is especially liked by the children for their beloved cartoon character which is riding truck.  Motu was a driver, Patel and thing am were sitting beyond him in the truck and riding it joyfully with smiling face.  The kids can easily attract towards the graphic of the game and their cartoon characters marvelous look in it.  The complete theme of the game is to escape from the destructors in their ride and earn more coins.

    In addition to the coins, you can also get a diamond boost which gives life’s for your journey suppose you hit the opposite vehicles.  The number of boost you got and the same you will lose for every hit with the opposite vehicles.  You will tap the screen for the jump, for your need double tapping also available.  The coins would be added if the tires of the truck hit the coins. The speed of moving truck got increased for the distance you are moving. The distance is noted on the right side top corner and coins are displayed on the left side top corner.

    This game may help to boost the presence of mind and enjoyable playing at leisure time.  It gives more hype when you challenge with your relations or friends.  It is a sure entertainment for the kids.

    • It is a game for kids without any violence in it.
    • High definition graphics are available.
    • Smooth and easy control.
    • Increase the interest when you challenge with the more kids.

    Hope you all enjoyed reading our review on top trending motu patlu games. We suggest you try all the above games and let us know about your views on motu and patlu games via valuable comment.