How to Boot a player in Mini Militia Multiplayer game?

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It's always fun while playing mini militia with your fellow friends. And there are chances wherein a player may use some sort of hack versions. So it will be annoying to play with such guys. So in the mini militia latest version they have introduced an option to boot the player. The permission for boot is available for the one who host the game. So let me now explain, how to boot a player in mini militia...

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1. Turn on hotspot on your device. Let the players connect to your wifi. 

2. Next select Multiplayer and host the game.

3. Wait till the players connect to your game. 

4. Now you will find the settings button next to the player name. 

5. Select that button. On click that you will find a pop up similar to the one below. 

how to boot mini militia

6. Now select the Boot option. 

7. It's done now. You have booted the player from the play. 

mini militia boot

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  1. Is there any way to unboot someone, coz i accidently boot one of my friend