Does Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack Mod Version working on Android?


Mini Militia Unlimited health hack

          Mini militia game has gone quite popular in the recent days among the gamers. It's really an addictive game and  a biggest time killer. You would have played mini militia hours together online or with your friends via LAN wifi. 

          Well you would have noticed that some players be still alive even if you have attacked them. It's all possible because they are using the unlimited health hack version. Hence they are able to stay live throughout the game. So this post is prepared exclusively for the unlimited health hack of mini militia. We have added mod apk for both rooted and non rooted android users. 

mini militia unlimited health hack

Unlimited Health Hack for Non Rooted android users

     There are a lot of sites that provides the alternate game apk which comes along with the unlimited health mod. This kind of hacks using the alternate game hack will make the work easy for the player but it will not give the option to switch back to the normal mode. It is the only drawback involved in this kind of hacks. There are a lot of fake website which does not have the proper hacked one or even a proper link but just for increasing the traffic of their website they use this game and mod name.

     But don't worry the mod that is posted here is tested personally by us in many devices. It's working fine in all android devices. So let's start the hacking process. 


As per the request of mini militia developers, the unlimited health hack has been deleted from our site. Do download the official mini militia game from the below play store link. 

Click here to download 
unlimited heath hack mod version 2.2.52

Do share this apk directly to your whatsapp friends/ groups :) 

Mini militia unlimited health mod apk hack download

MOD APK installation procedure: 

1.  Uninstall the original game from the device.

2. Download and install the game from the given link.

3. Once installed you can now enjoy the hacked game play.

Additional Features of this unlimited health MOD apk:

1. Get Infinite Health throughout the game play.
2. No death throughout the game. 
3. Unlimited Flying/ Jetpack Power
4. Unlimited Ammo - get unlimited bullets for your gun. Just keep shooting....
5. Upgraded to the Pro Pack and you can have access to premium features like avatar customization, all guns access in online play and much more.
6. Additional HD background skins during the game play. 
7. Supports non rooted devices too.

Unlimited health hack of rooted android devices

Here is a featured video describing the steps to get unlimited health in the rooted devices. Follow it carefully to get access to the premium hacked features of mini militia. 

Mini militia Unlimited health hack for iOS devices with cydia

Hack requirements for iOS:

- Jailbreak device

- iFile / Filza / iFunbox / iTools or any other file manger for iOS

- Cydia Substrate (from Cydia)

- PreferenceLoader (from Cydia)

Steps to be followed for using the unlimited hack in iOS:

1. Download the file from this link.

2. Using the file manager, browse to folder where the game has been stored and install it.

3. Let the file manager finish the cheat installation.

4. Get to the settings of the device and scroll down until you find the cheat settings and tap on it. If you do not see the cheat settings try respring or reboot your device. Make sure that all the requirements given above had been met.

5. Turn on the feature you want and play the game.

Here is an alternative method where our friend shows the procedure to install hacked mini militia in iOS via cydia. 

Use the above steps shown for Android and iOS to use the hacked version of game for unlimited health in Mini Militia.

If you have got any problem with the installation of the unlimited health hack then drop a comment so that we can return to you asap!!!


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