Mini militia double gun pro pack apk new version download



The mini militia is one of the best games in youth circle. We would like to spend hours together playing online. Some used to be bored with playing with a single gun like MP5, AK47, Shotgun, rocket launcher and sniper. Some used to have the pro pack version to play mini militia with double guns online. Mini militia double guns and pro packs are one of the reasons to buy the full version of the mini militia. The more interesting thing to find in purchased version is a double gun combo. Where we can shoot with the mixture of two different combo guns, example riots head + magnum and pistol and magnum. Likely we can have a lot of combination to take down our enemies and keep something up our sleeves. 

Mini militia double guns can be activated in two modes one is with the purchased version and the other way to get pro pack is just watching ads. Mini militia double guns help us to attack the enemies and get them killed in a short span of time. It is more efficient than using the AK47, Shotgun, etc. The combo of handguns can be used. Or a handgun and a melee can be used.  It is helpful to target the opponent from a long distance and get them knocked out with the use of the mini militia double gun. 

More people likely to play with double guns as it is very easy to attack. So we can attain more high points and experience points. Most of the user purchased pro pack to use mini militia double gun. The best part is there an advantage of using a double gun is that we can have different use of the combination. The range difference is more amazing on using the double gun with a lot of combination instead of finding the other variety of weapons. It helps to boost up the EXP points as hitting on more opponents at a time. Most pro pack player makes use of the mini militia double gun to save the time on hitting the opponents with more accurate to get them destroyed. Mini militia double gun can be set by choosing the custom option and then purchasing the pro pack option, But in mini militia double gun hack aok version, we can find all these features. But being a legitimate player it's better to purchase the pro pack or watch ads and get pro pack features for a span of time. 

LIST OF GUNS IN MINI MILITIA (guns that can be used for combos only)

Combo list:

Uzi + uzi 
Desert eagle + desert eagle
Magnum + magnum
Uzi + desert eagle 
Uzi + magnum
Desert eagle + magnum
Uzi + Riot shield
Desert eagle +riot shield
Magnum + Riot shield
Uzi + Machete
Desert eagle + Machete
Magnum + Machete